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The Tiger Woods of Tennis?

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

You may not have ever heard of little Eldrick back in 1981 when he first appeared in an issue of Golf Digest — but you sure know him now: Tiger Woods, one of the most successful golfers of all time. This weekend, as the tennis world is watching the French Open, we’re going to tip you to a pint-sized tennis prodigy. It’s 6-year-old Jan Silva of California. He’s there in the stands at the French Open this weekend. But who knows, in a decade or so he might be there on the courts. Rene Gutel has his story.  Listen here.

This story was reported for Weekend America.

Provencal Singers

Monday, April 7th, 2008

As many as half of the world’s languages are at risk of going extinct. But in Southern France, a singing group is trying to keep one of the dying languages alive. Rene Gutel profiles Marombrina, four women who sing in the Middle Ages tongue known as Provencal. Listen here.

This story was produced for Here and Now.

A Six-Year-Old Tennis Phenom

Friday, April 4th, 2008

jan.jpg(Thiverval-Grignon, France) Although he’s only six years old, California boy Jan Silva has spent more time on the tennis courts than most people will spend in a lifetime. He already plays better than most of us can ever hope to. Silva hails from Sacramento, but his family left the Golden State to move to France for Jan to train at one of the world’s premiere tennis academies. Listen here.

This story was produced for The California Report.

French Jazz Guitarist Thomas Dutronc

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

dutronc.jpgThe son of a famous French pop singer says he doesn’t like Paris anymore. Rene Gutel explains why in this profile of jazz guitarist Thomas Dutronc. Listen here.

This story was reported for PRI’s The World.

France Sniffing Out Product Price-fixing

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

(Marseille, France) In Europe, nine makers of consumer products are suspected of colluding to keep prices high. The companies could face billions of euros in fines if France’s Competition Council finds them guilty. Rene Gutel reports. Listen here.

This story was reported for the Marketplace Morning Report.